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The joint venture with MIME Group includes:

  • - Physical address
  • - Representation office with access to all facilities (workspaces, meeting romms,   secretary service, etc.)
- Residence in the United Arab Emirates
- Marketing and PR
- Dedicated commercial staff

  • - Management of sales and distribution
  • - Registration of products/brands with the local authorities (eg. food products)

  • - Assistance in opening accounts with a major UAE bank
  • - Logistical assistance

  • - Planning of promotional events and participation in exhibitions
- Legal assistance

MIME Group effectively offers end to end assistance, from import to sales of your goods.



MIME Group puts at your disposal a team of experts with over 10 years of experience in business development within the UAE.


Save time


MIME Group simplifies and accelerates your business’ entry in the Dubai and Middle Eastern markets, with minimal investment and maximum outcomes.

By joining the MIME Group’s network, you will have instant access to a broad portfolio of profiled customer, carefully selected based on your specific product.

This results in significant time savings, considering for example that it takes at least four months just to issue a trade license, in addition to the time needed for the red tape and logistics (local sponsors, license, renting an office, approvals, visas, and insurances). And time is money.


Quickly grow your business


MIME Group guarantees immediate growth and expansion of your product, importing directly into the United Arab Emirates or other Gulf Countries, thus making the whole process much faster: meeting the customer, closing the sale, delivering the product. It must be considered that the most important distributors and buyers in the Middle East prefer to enter into negotiations with  companies already present in the local market. This way they can have a contact person always available on site, ready to meet any demand and requirement of the client.


For a constant growth over time, you will also need a specialized team who knows your brand, the product, its unique selling points, and the local market. For this purpose, MIME Group employs professionals with a strong experience in the local and Middle Eastern markets.


24 x 7 support


MIME Group gives the opportunity to companies to maintain a constant local presence, without moving staff from Italy..


MIME Group offers all necessary services, 24 x 7:

  • - Verification of product delivery
  • - Management of customer requests
  • - Constant customer-facing interface
  • - Constant visibility of the product without the need of promoters from Italy